Meet code requirements with fire resistive ceiling assemblies

You can download our  Certificate of Test for Early Fire Hazard Properties of Materials for Australia.

  • Include specially formulated ceilings in a variety of textures
  • Are the only Armstrong products approved for UL assemblies
  • Even include specially designed suspension systems

Local building codes, which require fire-safe construction for many building applications rely on two ratings to evaluate compliance:

  • Flame spread rating of a material
  • Fire-resistance rating of a construction assembly 

These ratings are based on ASTM standards, and compliance is determined by several independent, nongovernmental testing services such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Flame spread and fire-resistance ratings are two separate issues, and they must be addressed independently in selection and specification.

Fire Resistance Armstrong Fire Guard products: Fire resistive ceiling when used in applicable UL assemblies, for more information, please refer to ANSI/UL 263 – ASTM E119 and NFPA 251)

The icon identifying Armstrong Fire Guard ceilings.