Optra Acoustical wall panels

Sound Investment
Optra acoustical wall systems from Armstrong effectively control unwanted noise.The key feature of this engineered system is a glass fibre acoustical inner core, for superior sound absorption, covered with a wide range of special fire resistant fabric.

Optra acoustical wall systems are a smart investment in productivity. People work harder and more efficiently when not disturbed by unwanted noise. In fact, in many environments speech privacy has become a mandate. Optra acoustical wall systems are an environment-friendly, easy-to-install system that's very affordable.

Easy Installation
Optra acoustical wall systems are easy to install over existing walls or directly to studs with minimal workplace disruption. Standard installation method is with impalers, J or Z splines can be used to create an exposed system. 

Acoustical performance
Optra acoustical wall systems absorb 90% of sound striking the surface - reducing noise within a space reducing noise transfer between spaces and places desiring the practicality of a tackable surface.

Application areas
Optra acoustical wall systems are ideal for use in commercial, institutional and educational buildings - anywhere noise reduction and privacy are a concern. They can be used in any room or hallway, even exit corridors.

Length 600, 1200, 2400, 2700 and 3000 mm Edge / Ends Square and Bevelled
Width 600, 1200mm Colours Ten (10)
Thickness 25 and 50 mm Application conference rooms,  recording rooms,
home theatres,cinema halls and auditoriums
NRC 0.95    


Autumn orange 383 Pista green
Straw gold
Rustic green 386
Peacock blue
Ash grey

Optra acoustical wall panels brochure is available in PDF format for download, click here.

Note: Due to printing limitation, designs reproduced could vary from actual material.