Tegular S24/8 panels are produced from galvanised mild steel and finished with a factory applied standard white powdercoat. The panels are installed on standard 24mm PeakForm Exposed Tee grid systems and provide 100% accessibility. The Tegular or recessed edge, enables the panel face to sit 8mm lower than the grid, creating a shadowline appearance. Design options for Tegular S24/8 Panels include "Unperforated" (plain), or one of three common Perforation finishes: "Standard Perforation", "Microperforated" and "Extra-Microperforated". Acoustical performance is achieved with the application of a Soundtex scrim or B15 composite backing. Custom colours and perforation designs are available.

Item # Pattern Dimensions Light Reflect NRC with acoustic fleece CAC Fire Resist Sag Resist
      High Light Reflectance High Acoustics   Fire Resistance HumiGuard Plus
C5052S Standard Perforation 600 x 600 0.68 0.70 20dB Conforming Fire Performance RH99
C5041M Micro Perforation 600 x 600 0.63 0.80 20dB Conforming Fire Performance RH99
C5052EX Extra Micro Perforation 600 x 600 0.76 0.65 30dB Conforming Fire Performance RH99

Note: Contact your Armstrong Office for other panel sizes, perforation designs, Premium B15 Acoustic solutions, or high light reflective options.