They'll never guess it's laminate. Created in the rich hardwood tradition of Bruce, these laminate floors offer the look of rich specialty woods at a fraction of the cost. You'll find an unexpected choice of traditional and exotic wood patterns and colours. All are easy to maintain, easy to installed. All built for the way you live today.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring is tough and strong! Your floor takes a pounding from daily foot traffic and from furniture and appliances being moved around. It also expands and contrast naturally with changes in temperature and humidity. If its joints are weak they can start to fail, developing ugly, unhygienic gaps and noisy creaking. This is more likely to happen with competitive locking laminates than with Armstrong.

Our laboratory tests show that Armstrong laminate flooring will withstand up to 850kg of stress. The closest rival will take 650kg and many only around 400kg or even less.