Highlights of installation guides

Getting Started
Always check each board for damage before installing.

To minimize pattern repeats in the floor, always pull from at least three cartons of flooring while installing.

Wall Irregularities
All wall irregularities require cutting the first or last row of boards to fit the contour of the wall.

A good quality carbide-tipped cutting blade that has been designed for composition and laminate materials such as melamine, coreboard, or other hard, dense, manmade materials is recommended.

Installing the First Row
Lay the first full piece with the small, tongue side facing the wall.

Installing Remaining Rows
Begin the second row of planks with the piece cut from the last piece in the first row.

Installing the Last Row
The last row in the installation may need to be cut lengthwise.

Installing Under a Door Jamb or Toe Kick
Installation of locking laminate through a door jamb or under a toe kick requires the lip of the groove to be reduced in size.

Finishing the Installation
DO NOT WAX OR POLISH your floor.